“Over the years we have worked with 4 IT Service Providers. In general the experience has been frustrating and unsatisfactory. Finally we have found a real solution for all of our computer software and hardware problems. Both Brandon and David are extremely dedicated and very skilled technicians. They have just completed a very complex and detailed conversion of our file server as well as installing new software and a series of new computers. The conversion took place after what I'm sure was an extremely long weekend. Come Monday morning we anticipated many problems with all of these totally new systems and machines. Much to our surprise everything clicked. For the first time we have speeds undreamed of, we have trouble free computers and the few small problems were corrected before 10am. We are very appreciative of their skills and their willingness to work long hours until everything is perfect. We highly recommend EyeQ Networks and would be happy to discuss their performance in detail with any investigating company.”
-Steve Rosenblatt, President, Sonoma Cast Stone, Inc. - www.sonomastone.com

“It has been a pleasure working with David & Brandon of EyeQ Networks from the very beginning of our working relationship through several projects and deployments. Not only are they extremely detail oriented, but they have always presented several options for us to choose from with honest & frank input to help us make the best possible choice that is most suited for our needs and budget. There have been no surprises, except for the speed and efficiency with which they resolve issues as they arise. They make us feel like we have real back up protection for our business so they are not viewed so much as a vendor but as a trusted and valued member of our Team.”
-Erik Ambjor, President, Sonoma Forge, Inc. - www.sonomaforge.com

“I met with and interviewed a couple of IT consulting firms before choosing EyeQNetworks. I chose them because David immediately stepped in to solve problems that had been plaguing us, provided council on ways we could reduce our costs for phone/internet service/web-hosting, etc and helped us find low cost solutions to upgrading our network system and backup. They truly understand the meaning of customer service. As a small manufacturer faced with tough economic circumstances, EyeQ Networks assistance and support has proven to be invaluable. We will gladly use them for ongoing support as soon as our budget allows and recommend them highly for their conscientious and professional approach to doing business.”
-Annette O'Connor, President, Castle, Inc. - www.castleusa.com

“EyeQ Networks has helped our company to streamline its IT efforts. David and Brandon helped us to transition to our new offices, and played a major role in the design and implementation of our network. With their help we recently ported our email to an exchange server which has improved communication between all company employees regardless of their physical location. EyeQ provides us with monthly system maintenance which allows us to focus on our business and leave the IT to the pros. David and Brandon are very responsive, and we have found their rates and service to be excellent. I would highly recommend their services!”
-Lawrence Cowell, Vice President, Stephanie Rausser Photography - www.stephanierausser.com

“EyeQ Networks has become an integral part of our business and we have relinquished all of our IT needs to Brandon and David. Brandon responded to a "911" text within minutes and set out to calm my anxiety over potentially losing years of data to a trojan virus. He walked me calmly and confidently through the process of replacing my pc, restoring all of my data and introducing me to Vista. He went so far as to meet me at Staples to help me chose the right replacement equipment. Brandon will be instrumental in the growth of our company as we move to expand our network, create two VPN locations and establish our product communications from the field. I am happy to offer this reference for Brandon and David, you are welcome to contact me. mcoc@ocsenergy.com www.ocsenergy.com”
-Mariclair O'Connell, OCS Energy, Inc. - www.ocsenergy.com

“EyeQ networks did a great job recommending and installing our new server. David and Brandon helped us design the correct Dell server specifications for our company. I was able to order the server and EyeQ networks configured and transferred all our data from the old server with no disruption to our business. There was a slight "hiccup" with the server's RAID configuration, as Dell initially sent us a misconfigured server. Dell offered to replace the server, but was not willing to reimburse us for the labor required to reconfigure / reinstall the replacement server. EyeQ Networks did not accept Dell's initial offer and escalated the issue until Dell agreed to replace the server and reimburse us for the labor required to reconfigure the new server. Top Speed Data would highly recommend EyeQ Networks.”
-Glenn Illian, Top Speed Data Communications - www.topspeeddata.com

David has a true gift. His talent for resolving technical problems are truly exceptional. His demeanor may be quiet, but his enthusiasm and expertise are at the top of the IT Business. David personally drove two hours to SFO airport, flew to LAX, dismantled my laptop hard drive, while I was waiting for an all night cross-country flight and repaired my computer at my airport so that I could use it for a Pentagon presentation the next morning. There is no one that I have ever met in the IT industry with such a unselfish, enthusiastic, and truly professional demeanor. I recommend David highly.”
-Darius Karalis, Director, New Business Development, L-3 Communications Sonoma EO

“David is incredible. He provided all aspects of IT support from desktop to network and server support single-handedly for a long time before we were able to hire anyone else in IT. He filled in as the group leader until an IT Manager was hired. One of the most remarkable things about David is the way he can figure out the best way to meet business needs with an elegant, logical solution, and generally no budget. :) I also admire his dedication and loyalty. I remember when a Business Development person's laptop died and needed it for an urgent meeting. David jumped on a plane to fix/replace it and of course saved the day. I recommend David wholeheartedly and would be happy to provide more information, send me an email if you need details on how capable, bright, talented, and funny David is - amber@hope-staffing.com . August 2, 2008”
-Amber O'Brien, Owner, Hope Staffing

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